SmartReality App Updates for Wearable Devices for Construction

Dear Augmented Reality (New or Seasoned) Fanatics,

As you may have heard, we recently released Version 0.31 of SmartReality with pinch-to-zoom, the ability to submit your own projects and much more. In addition to upgrades to the mobile app and web portal, we told you about the work our Research & Development team has been doing in the field of wearable devices for construction.

If you haven’t already, check out the above video of our President James Benham using SmartReality on an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset with a Leap Motion Controller mounted on the front.

Then read up on the latest press release from Epson mentioning the version of SmartReality we built for their Moverio smart glasses:

Pretty cool, huh? We’ve gotten some great feedback and we’re still working. Most recently, we’ve integrated Leap Motion’s latest SDK (software development kit) into SmartReality. This SDK has been optimized for virtual reality and so it’s use combined with the Oculus Rift headset has unprecedented speed and accuracy when viewing and using your hands to interact with construction project models.

Here’s how Leap Motion describes it in their latest announcement about how they’re optimizing their solutions for virtual reality:

“One of the most exciting things to us about virtual reality is that our technology can be more than just your hands – it can be your eyes as well. This builds off the release of a new API which opens up raw infrared imagery straight from our sensors. When mounted directly onto a head-worn display, these images become stereoscopic windows into the world around you. What it sees, you see…


This expands the tracking space to be in any direction you’re facing. You can reach forward, turn around, look up and down, and the tracking follows you wherever you go. Because our device’s field of view exceeds that of existing VR displays, you’ll find it can start to track your hands before you even see them.”

Leap Motion is even offering a VR development mount as a product now: Though 3D printing our own was an adventure…

While these Beta tools are technically geared towards developers, we hope some of you and your IT crew are interested in trying them out on your construction projects. If so, we’ll help you get started – just visit:

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