SmartReality Now Available on Oculus VR Share (Beta)

SmartReality, an augmented reality mobile app for construction managers and real estate developers (a product of JBKnowledge, Inc.), is now available on Oculus VR Share (Beta) for all users. SmartReality allows the user to experience virtual reality in construction with a combination of Oculus Rift headset and a Leap Motion Controller, that allows hand motions and depth to be sensed in the virtual world. The Oculus headset actually allows the user to be fully immersed in their surroundings and will adapt to the movements of the users head. Leap Motion focuses on smaller movements of the hand and can track even the most minute movements. Both processes together then create a mixed, or hybrid reality. This simply means that the movements of the human body are directly affecting the virtual world, a soon-to-be construction or development project, in real time.




With this interactive app, you are able to visualize and interact with your construction projects using BIM (Building Information Modeling) in a virtual environment. Using the link below, download the demo to start exploring and interacting with a virtual reality apartment. Some of the features include the ability to move furniture, determine the material used in different parts of the structure, and open doors using hand motions.

Click here to find SmartReality on Oculus Share (Beta).

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