SmartReality Mobile App Update – Version 0.32 Released

The SmartReality app has been updated and we’ve added a new feature we hope proves useful to you.

AR Mode Off
We’ve added a new functionality that allows users to explore models and see them without using an Augmented Reality (AR) target (i.e. no construction plan printout needed). We call this AR Mode Off. When you next log in, an in-app tutorial will walk you through this change, but here are the basics…

Within this AR mode, by using touch gestures, you will be able to:

  • Pinch: Zoom in or out of the model
  • One Finger Drag: Rotate the model
  • One Finger Drag if Camera is Enabled: Rotate the camera
  • Two Finger Drag: Pan the model

If the project has more than one model, upon entering this AR Mode Off, users will be presented with a list from which you’ll be able to select the model you want to see.

Bug Fixes
We’ve also made several other bug fixes requested by users. This should result in a smoother experience with the app and we hope you’ll contact us at if that is not the case! 

Keep us updated on your experience with the app and ideas for its use at

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