Signal360 Augmented Reality App

Products such as Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass have kept augmented reality at the top of the hot topics list in the tech world. This SmartReality Tech Find post features Signal360, which is not a wearable AR device, however, it interacts with a user’s surrounding environment just the same.

Signal360 is a mobile app that teams up with location and iBeacon technology to send media directly to a user’s smartphone or tablet. Signal360 can detect a person’s location and use that data to send them useful, relevant or promotional information from their surrounding environment.

“The Signal360 technology, a combination of platform and iBeacons, is used by retailers and sports teams to enhance the consumer’s digital experience in their space.”

Sports teams such as the Golden State Warriors out of Oakland, California use Signal360 to boost their fan interaction and user engagement. The app sends the audience coupons for the sports shop, concession stand deals, and seat upgrade opportunities from the many beacons around the arena. The following video explains how the Warriors use Signal360.

The device can also send the customers ratings or reviews on retail outlets near them, giving them a better understanding of the products nearby. Signal360 can additionally be used for internal rather than marketing/sales purposes. A casino in California uses the device to alert staff members when high profile visitors enter the casino.

Signal360 uses augmented reality technology to give its users a new platform and opportunities to interact with each other in relation to their location. Can you imagine ways for this product to be implemented in the construction industry? Employers could track when their staff is on and off a job site (see our JBK Labs Worker Check-In App) or alert all workers if a danger zone becomes present. Subcontractors could be reminded of the areas to focus on first and who their direct report is in each area. There are many exciting possibilities for location based AR technology.

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