How Realistic is Augmented Reality for Construction?


By Angela Hurni

Is Augmented Reality (AR) the future of construction? Some say AR is one of the most promising new technologies to be used on construction sites today while others say its abilities are exaggerated and it peaked in 2011. What isknown is that mobile app developers are helping the construction industry see AR technology in a whole new way.

Aaron Wright, VDC/BIM Director for Hoar Construction in Birmingham, Alabama, says his company tested augmented reality on a project last year, using interactive boards to show people on a college campus what new construction would look like in 3D. The feedback was positive, but the technology also had some drawbacks. “The setup process is difficult, and some of the technology is pretty complicated,” Wright says.

One of the leading developers right now is JBKnowledge, a developer of information technology solutions for the construction industry, which has created an AR mobile app called SmartReality for construction project visualization. This app allows users of Android and iOS mobile devices to view interactive 3D building models rendered over paper plan files. The company says that users will experience “unprecedented levels of project visualization and collaboration.”

Users of SmartReality pay a fee per project. After directly uploading 2D plans and matching 3D models, the app developers… Click Here To Read More

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