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Our latest Tech Find explores the future of augmented reality, beyond wearable headsets, especially since Google Glass is now coming off the market.  According to a recent article by Forbes, the future of augmented reality is very much alive; it is, in fact, limitless. Augmented reality is usually defined as “an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device.” However, that device does not necessarily need to be glasses, or a headset of any kind.

“To augment is to add something in order to improve or complete it. Technology that enhances our ability to function in the physical world is insinuating itself into our daily lives at a rapid clip.”

NAVIGATE Jacket, by We:ex helps users navigate large cities, such as New York or Paris, with step-by-step guided instructions based on haptic feedback, LEDs, and location technology built into the jacket. The device connects to the wearer’s smartphone, determines the location, receives directions from the mapping application and can direct the wearer to their destination.

“The wearer essentially gets a light electronic tap on the left or right shoulder when she needs to turn onto a new street.”

We:ex prides themselves on creating fashion forward wearables, so the NAVIGATE Jacket looks like any other fashionable jacket, instead of an augmented wearable device.


This augmented reality technology separates itself from others because the jacket does not obstruct the wearer’s view like headsets or augmented reality glasses do. Users can enjoy the city through their own eyes instead of through a screen.

How could augmented reality location devices like this present new opportunities in the construction industry? Imagine contractors and subcontractors navigating a new job site  with a NAVIGATE Safety Vest or AR work boots. We’re excited to see how the industry incorporates these new technologies into future projects.

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