Medical Mannequins Enhanced By Augmented Reality For Training Purposes

January’s augmented reality tech of the month shows how industries such as health care services are constantly growing and innovating with augmented reality solutions. There have been many uses for augmented reality incorporated into the medical world from apps to help people cope with phobias and anxiety to training medical personnel. The medical world most recently incorporated augmented reality into training programs using medical mannequins.

Used as training aids, standard medical mannequins can make users feel unnatural while performing on them because they have very little likeness to real humans. In order to resolve this issue, researchers at Sheffield Hallam University have developed an app to make the mannequins seem more real. The training mannequins are made to come as close to a “real person” as possible, and augmented reality makes the mannequins as alive as ever giving them life-like emotions and mannerisms.

“The app will feature different kinds of scenarios that have been recorded by actors beforehand in order to up the realism ante among medical trainees.”

The app can also be controlled remotely to make the mannequin react appropriately in a given situation during training. By using situational scenarios, the app will alter the mannequins emotions and facial expressions to give the medical trainee a more real life experience.

How can this mannequin technology be applied in other industries, we wonder?  Beyond medical and emergency responder professionals, life-like mannequins with situational “awareness” could help with testing and training in many fields. We look forward to seeing what’s next.

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