Flying in a Virtual World with Airflow

Flying is normally only possible in movies and comic books, but with help from the researchers at Mindride, flying is becoming a reality…well, virtual reality. Mindride first introduced their newest interactive virtual reality experience The Airflow at the annual 2014 Augmented World Expo.

The Airflow created by Mindride allows users to fly around Superman-style. The systems reacts by the user twisting their arms. The first version of Airflow is controlled by four different poses and directional pad on a controller.


This is an ongoing prototype that has great potential for the virtual reality world. A user reports that, “The experience itself was fun. It wasn’t mind blowing or life changing. It was more, “hey this is new because I’m not sitting in a chair or standing up.”…The graphics are sub-par and I quickly reached the edge of the mountains I was flying through. But I sort of felt like I was actually flying thanks to the VR world, the fans and, of course, the harness. In my experience, sort of flying is better than not flying.”

Virtual reality gives users an immersive, computer generated space to do things that they normally wouldn’t be able to do. This can be seen in other virtual reality simulations such as PocketCake and expands across industries from construction to the medical field and beyond. Whether you’re virtually flying above a mountain range or walking around a building that has yet to be constructed, the use cases for virtual reality technology across industries continues to grow.

Read more about The Airflow virtual reality simulation by Mindride here.


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