DAQRI’s Anatomy 4D Augmented Reality App

In this SmartReality Tech find we’ll explore Anatomy 4D, developed by DAQRI, which has every complex detail of the human body located in one free app, available on your smartphone. The augmented reality app allows users to take a virtual reality tour of the average human body and various organ systems by aiming your smartphone’s camera at an image target.

Once the target is registered, a 4D image of the heart, for example, pops up and starts beating. Users can choose certain areas of the heart to light up and visualize exactly how it looks and functions inside the body. It also allows users to view the various biological systems intertwined together and from there they are able to turn them off and on and isolate bodily systems. The app is easy to use, accessible in the palm of your hand and is completely captivating.

“Users can zoom in and out on the model, change the viewing angle by moving your phone around the target, and selectively view particular systems in the body, such as the skeletal, lymphatic, or respiratory system.”

Watch the video below to see the 4D beating heart and how users can select which section (like the left atrium) is highlighted.

The app allows you to see a 4D version of the human body, which in the past was only possible in an anatomy lab. The app has had over 250,000 downloads and has accumulated the attention of dozens of professors and universities, including the University of Illinois, Stanford and Trinity College. The health care system has benefited tremendously in the last few years by harnessing new technology like Anatomy 4D and 3D printed hearts.

How could this technology be applied on the construction site? Our SmartReality app is a great place to start. We hope to incorporate even more animations and model dimensions like this in the future.

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  1. Kyler Brown February 16, 2016

    I am considering studying anatomy at school right now, so I really liked this post. It is great to see an app that allows you to see a 4D version of the human body, which in the past was only possible in an anatomy lab. This should definitely help with learning and training so thanks for sharing this.


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