Version 0.31 Released

We have several exciting announcements this month, so let’s get into them!

1) We are proud to announce that all users can now submit and pay for customized projects within the SmartReality web portal.

Remember, you must create a free account at to log in to the web portal.  From your dashboard, select “Create New Project” and our system will walk you through the process of submitting your targets and models (in the required file type) for our developers to pair for use within the app.

2) Our R&D team is proud to announce two exciting new hardware options for the use of SmartReality: the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and the Epson Moverio augmented reality glasses.

Click here for a demo video of SmartReality for Oculus or view below. If you have the proper hardware, you can download the app for Oculus Rift today at

3) In addition to these exciting announcements, next week we will release several new features and improvements to the app.

After downloading the latest version to your device next week, a tutorial will walk you through the following new features. Thank you for your continued support as we develop this mobile app into the best tool it can be for your construction projects.

Pinch to Zoom: Users can now use two fingers on their touch screen mobile device to more accurately zoom in and out on project models.

Reset Zoom: Users can now reset zoomed model to the original size with two fingers by double tapping on the screen.

Projects: Users can now view project lists in “Portrait” orientation in addition to “Landscape” orientation.

Login: We’ve improved the Login interface for functionality and ease of use.

User Interface Updates: Both the iOS and Android apps have been improved to function better with the Native user interface of each operating system, including but not limited to, the Login and Main Menu screens.

Download Improvements: We’ve added a Progress bar to the Main Menu so you can monitor the downloading of your projects to your mobile device. This is a minor addition, but one we think you’ll appreciate. Improvements to the “Download to Device” screen should also make the downloads process much easier and faster.

Email Targets Button: Previously, after registering to try out our free app, you received all demo targets via a welcome email. Well, like us, your email probably gets inundated daily and we had many requests to receive these targets again. Now, for each project you have a button that will automatically Email the Target to your inbox.

Fixed Bugs & Improved Functionality: Users who previously had trouble logging in or accessing projects should not face the same difficulties thanks to this update. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues.

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