SmartReality+ for iOS and Android is free to download and demo.

Pay to view your BIM models.

Your payments cover the technology, processing time, editing time to produce desired effects, keying of the model to the target and reduction in model vertices to make it compatible for viewing and interactivity on mobile devices. Pricing includes unlimited viewing and sharing of your project on unlimited devices by unlimited users.

Request a Quote:

You can quickly submit a BIM model and target to our Portal for a free quote.

SmartReality+ AR

SmartReality is not currently accepting new submissions. We are hard at work on the future of SmartReality.


Cost per Project Includes:

Initial project model and target preparation for one project at one physical address.

Unlimited viewers, devices and users accessing the project on devices running the SmartReality app.

Project hosting for one year.

Mobile and web application that drives the viewing and hardware interaction.

Additional Costs:


Annual fee after the first year to continue project hosting.

3d model

Fee per addendum/model revision * for processing

* Note: This fee is based on the extent of processing needed.