Augmented Reality App Makes 3D Modelling Easier using Lego Blocks

Augmented reality for construction has become a popular topic, especially for BIM. 3D printing is becoming a common term in the construction industry as well. In the second edition of SmartReality’s March Tech of the Month, we will see that now there’s an app that combines the two innovations. So what’s the key piece? Legos.

Innovation Design Engineering students at the Royal College of Art in London have developed a new augmented reality app called Lego X, which allows users to create digital 3D models by simply building with Legos. Legos are one of the best ways to turn your ideas into reality, and now with Lego X those realities can be shared with others using augmented reality, 3D modeling, and 3D printing.

“The system uses a series of gyroscopic sensors to map the location and orientation of each Lego brick, allowing digital models of creations to be generated as they are built in real-time.”


The system recognizes the lego and uses an algorithm to transform the toy piece into a general shape that creates a smooth, clear model of the structure. From there, the digitally  crafted model can be transformed into a printable 3D model, creating your lego structure into a real life structure right before your eyes.

In the Lego X youtube video, you can watch this process take place.

“Although the current prototype uses larger Duplo bricks, Gravity hopes to integrate the next iteration into standard Lego size bricks.”

Can you imagine the opportunities this augmented reality app can have for the construction industry? By using an advanced version of Legos, builders would have the ability to take an idea and turn it into a proposed project in a short amount of time and then share it with others through apps like SmartReality. We like where this is headed.

Click here to read more about Lego X.

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