AR Technology of the Week: Virtual Reality Simulations from PocketCake

Everyday virtual reality is allowing once dormant objects come to life, changing the way businesses and consumers view the world. Development firm, PocketCake, is creating virtual reality simulations using the Oculus Rift for the same price of a typical architectural illustration.

This is the next step for BIM technology. Architects and prospective clients can have an “immersive 3D experience in which they inhabit real space, walking wherever they like” keeping the vision clear for both parties.

“PocketCake’s simulations offer first-person interaction from the comfort of a laptop. You are in the driver’s seat. From homes and churches to stadiums and fairgrounds, nothing enhances a client’s – or an architect’s – conception of a project better than virtual reality.”

With 3D virtual experiences becoming mainstream for the architectural industry, what market will be affected next by this growing technology?

Click here to read more about PocketCake’s virtual reality simulations and developing products.


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