AR Technology of the Week: View Historical Sites with Augmented Reality

School field trips to historic sites are looking to become much more exciting for young visitors while also providing a more in-depth learning experience. Augmented reality software is now allowing the past to be seen like never before.

“The app will use augmented reality—where the user’s view of the real world is enhanced with additional objects and information on a viewing screen—to give students the ability to “see” a historic structure as it appeared decades ago through the camera lens of a smartphone or tablet. Users can explore the site and examine various objects as would a historian, looking for points of historical interest.”

This type of app which focuses on teaching historical subjects with new age devices is similar to the augmented reality used by museums to enhance visitor experience. Construction companies are also harnessing this ability to visualize structures as they once were or even view what they will become after a project is complete with apps like ours. How do you think this mobile app technology could enhance not only learning for children, and construction projects but other industries as well?

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