AR Technology of the Week: Treat Anxiety with Augmented Reality Health App

One common feature of humankind is that most everyone has something they are afraid of. A new app from Phobious is now stepping forward to help tackle consumer fears, from fear of bees to public speaking (which is actually more feared than death!)

“A team of physicists, psychologists and developers have produced a mobile health platform to make virtual reality and augmented reality more accessible as a self-help tool for treating phobias. Phobious, part of DreamIt Health Baltimore’s inaugural class, has developed a smartphone-enabled tool and is planning a September launch for its consumer product, which includes goggles and an iPhone or Android app.”

Virtual reality simulations, such as seen in PocketCake and Oculus Rift, are beginning to be more profound in the healthcare field. This app could be a breakthrough for those suffering from mental barriers caused by trauma or years of embedded uneasiness from a stimulus while also making it intuitive and accessible for consumers.

How could this type of app be applied in a business setting? What fears or anxieties in the workplace could Phobious address, if any? Maybe construction workers with a fear of heights could finally have a remedy.

Click here to read more about Phobious and their app that can help you face your fears.

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