AR Technology of the Week: Museums Using Augmented Reality Technology to Improve Visitor Experience

Museums have unfortunately been stuck with the stereotype of a quiet solitary place to look at old artifacts or documents. This usually doesn’t sound all that appealing  to most sight seekers. In order to break from this stereotype, many museums are taking the initiative to bring technology into the experience of the visitor to bring the exhibits back to life.

“Augmented reality allows a smartphone or tablet user to aim the device at a designated point and watch a scene come to life. This AR experience provides a type of interactive, digital storytelling, which brings together the participation of the visitor with the automatic generation and narration of a story, in order to concentrate on providing the museum guest with a more personal and mobile version of the story.”

Success with this new learning approach has already been accomplished and will only continue to become more prevalent. Even magazines are using augmented reality technology through Layar Creator to enhance a reader’s experience. The next museum trip that you might make will probably have some form of augmented reality integrated.

Would the availability of this new technology inspire you to visit more museums? How else could augmented reality be incorporated to drive visitor traffic to educational institutions?

Click here to read more about augmented reality storytelling being used in museum tours.


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