AR Technology of the Week: Jaguar Land Rover’s Augmented Reality Transparent Car Hood

Every driver has had that dreaded moment of going over a pothole that came out of nowhere. Those days may soon come to an end, thanks to a new car hood by Jaguar Land Rover that is “transparent” due to advances in augmented reality software.

“It describes the potential for a car with cameras embedded within the front grille, which would connect to a heads-up display in the windshield to give drivers a view of the road immediately below their car’s bonnet. It would be particularly useful for a driver tackling a steep incline or confined parking space by giving the person behind the steering wheel a view of the angle and position of the front wheels, as well as any obstacles that may be causing issues beneath the vehicle.”

Jaguar Land Rover is beginning to make vehicles more terrain friendly and is looking forward to where the automobile industry is going in the coming decades. Their Discovery Vision Concept Car with the Transparent Bonnet is being showcased and advertised in order to spread the word about this new augmented reality technology.

How would driving a vehicle with a Transparent Bonnet influence the locations you travel to?

Click here to read more about the Transparent Bonnet and its advances in assisting drivers.

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