AR Technology of the Week: Circa 1948 Immersive Augmented Reality

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time? To be fully immersed in the sights and sounds of a culture that is now obsolete? At TriBeCa Film Festival’s Storyscapes event, an augmented reality project by Stan Douglas and the National Film Board of Canada’s digital studio called Circa 1948 was attempting to do just that. The Circa 1948 experience placed the user in the city of Vancouver, or, Vancouver in 1948.

“A participant stands in a room surrounded by four wall projections. Microsoft Kinect systems maps the skeleton and head, while the projectors map out a virtual world based on their perspective. Taking steps in any direction advances the screen accordingly. Placement also triggers conversations, so you can eavesdrop in on what characters are saying.”

A free iOS app version of Circa 1948 is also available for download to check out the features of this project.

As the release of advanced mobile devices and wearables like Oculus Rift and Epson Moverio smart glasses continue to rise, consumers can prepare to start seeing more virtual and augmented reality media integrated into their daily lives and not just art exhibitions. Personally, we can’t wait for our office toys to be more relevant around town.

Imagine the integration of an experience like Circa 1948 with our product, SmartReality – construction plans could take on a whole new meaning.

Click here to read more about the interactive augmented reality experience in Vancouver, Circa 1948.


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