AR Technology of the Week: Augmented Reality SDK for Virtual Shopping by Metaio

With virtual shopping at our fingertips, consumers are shifting to shopping online everyday. What if you could virtually try on the clothes you were interested in though? This seemingly impossible notion is becoming a reality with the help of Metaio.

They are developing their augmented reality software development kit (SDK) that will allow you to try on items before buying.

“The technology, which only works with the Kinect at the moment, enables the camera’s infrared light and dual cameras to create a three dimensional reconstruction of your head. By creating this virtual model, the camera can now recognize facial features and depth rather than just detecting your movement.”

Once the 3D model of your head is complete, then you can start trying on items such as glasses. Even though their technology is far from being complete, these features give insight into what is to come. Shopping with augmented reality can change the industry.

How would you like to try on a pair of virtual Ray Ban sunglasses on?

Click here to read more about Metaio’s developing augmented reality SDK.


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