AR Technology of the Week: Augmented Reality Sandbox a New Way to Look at Land

A blast from the past is now making a movement in the way geography is being viewed and utilized. Simple sandboxes, with the help of computers, 3D cameras, and digital projectors, are being transformed into colorful topographical maps that allow architects and geographers to design projects according to the land they will be built upon.

“A topographical map lays atop the sand, projected from above by a projector. Like a quadrangle map from the United States Geological Survey, Fisher and Wirth’s topographical projection shows the contour lines of the miniature mountains and hills of the sandbox.”

Information networks and universities will soon be able to not only learn how to effectively use this new technology, but will also be able to share its benefits at conferences and science fairs worldwide. Future goals for the augmented reality sandboxes include access of the technology to parents or school teachers for child education purposes.

Do you think this type of augmented technology will someday influence the way entire cities are built and developed? If so, what types of infrastructure do you think will benefit the most from it?

Click here to read more about how construction technology is benefiting from this virtual sandbox.


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