AR Technology of the Week: Augmented Reality Magazine Pages by Layar

Augmented reality is becoming a larger part of our everyday lives with the help of advertising. Layar is adding to this by updating their system called Layar Creator.

With Layar Creator, “users are able to create images that, when tapped in on with a device (like a mobile phone, for example), will become interactive.”

“Layar works with magazine pages that are able to be scanned by smartphones. They also make pictures that are able to be scanned by Google Glass. Users are guided to download the Layar app for iOS for their iPhone or for their Android device – the Google Glass app is simply a side-loaded Android app at the moment.”

Consumers are becoming accustomed to interactive content that differs from the norm. Have you seen an augmented reality image pop up lately?

Click here to read more about augmented reality magazine pages by Layar.


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