AR Technology of the Week: Augmented Reality App from Navitime Japan

The deployment of augmented reality to make consumers’ lives easier is being seen across industries all over the world. In Japan, developer Navitime Japan created an app for tourists to locate hard to find free Wi-Fi spots through an augmented reality guidance app. Cool, right!

Free for both iOs and Android devices, Navitime for Japan Travel allows users to “hold up the screen to their surroundings, hit ‘look in AR mode’ and footage from the device’s camera will be overlaid with the distance to a destination and an arrow pointing the way.”

“Where AR can work well is in dense urban settings where a tall building can house dozens of shops and none of them has a sign in English. When close enough to the destination, Navitime for Japan Travel can help users distinguish the right building and business where there’s free Wi-Fi.”

With tens of thousands of free Wi-Fi spots to find, from local shops to Starbucks, international tourists have even more convenience now when visiting Japan. What if metropolis cities all over the world provided this sort of app for their tourists?

Click here to read more about Navitime Japan’s Augmented Reality App.

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