AR Technology of the Month: Rock Climbing Wall Boosted by Augmented Reality

Bouldering, a variation of rock climbing performed outdoors or at indoor climbing facilities without the use of harness equipment, can be accomplished safely through disciplined training. Now, with the help of researchers at “Aalto University’s Department of Media Technology in Finland”, augmented reality technology is further enhancing the safety, training and experience of those bouldering. The program allows climbers to see where their next hand or foot hold is, much like a heads up display in a car directing you where to turn next.

“By combining a projector, a motion-tracking camera, and 3D game-building software, they were able to illuminate a climbing wall to illustrate the ideal route or provide hints to help climbers choose the best option for their next move.”

Other features of the augmented reality climbing wall include instant replay of a climber’s route and even games to maneuver around animated objects while scaling the rocks. This project also allows climbers to create a route and share it with others through the software program.

What other industries do you see utilizing this type of augmented reality for positioning, tracking and safety monitoring? Could it be implemented in the construction industry to guide machine operators and site workers?
Click here to read more about the augmented reality climbing wall and watch climbers in action

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