AltspaceVR Video Conferencing Technology

The world of video conferencing is about to change thanks to virtual reality technology. AltspaceVR, “the social VR company”, is creating a product that will allow users to have a more personal connection when communicating with others remotely. Their main objective is to create an environment that makes you feel just as emotionally connected to others as you would when you are in a room full of people.

The way AltspaceVR created this shared experience is by having users view a virtual space using virtual reality headsets or goggles. Each participant has an avatar that represents them in the virtual space. Every movement that the participant does is mirrored by the avatar. This simulation feels like an in-person conference with everyone appearing to be in the same room, when in reality, participants could be thousands of miles away.

Another option for a more realistic video conferencing experience is the use of a 3D camera. “Chicago-based Personify, an alternative to AltspaceVR, uses Intel RealSense 3D cameras, or equivalent. In the case of Personify conferencing, the idea is that by “removing your background and immersing you into your desktop,” you get a better video experience. Removing background is something 3D cameras can do.” This product is close to AltspaceVR in the way

Like PocketCake, that we’ve previously written about, this virtual reality technology and simulation software has the ability to improve current video conferencing techniques and bridge the gap for companies who work remotely with hundreds to thousands of people a year. Not only does this create more opportunities for business growth, but it also opens the door for more acceptance of and integration of virtual reality technology across different platforms.

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