2014 Construction Tech Forecast

By James Benham, President of JBKnowledge, Makers of SmartReality
Published in the American Institute of Construction Newsletter

The capabilities of technology, once merely imaginative concepts in science fiction movies, are quickly developing for pragmatic use in industries like commercial building. Advancements in cloud computing and fiber connections are redefining expectations in data integration. Mobile and wearable technologies are redefining expectations in the user experience. A decade from now, the construction site could look quite different from today’s job site.

This year’s Construction Technology Integration Survey reported that 38.7% of the 750 construction professionals surveyed are actively using BIM software. Historically, the cost of BIM software has created the perception that only large design-build firms have the resources for BIM adoption. However, as graphic modeling and cloud technology improves, more cost-effective solutions are emerging that allow for sharing large files over the web, removing the obstacles of uploading and downloading. These solutions allow builders to access libraries of thousands of models to measure, takeoff, and share in real-time or even drop them into mapping platforms like Google Earth for job..

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